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Guarding the Garden

Gain the tools, empowerment, and insight you need to approach relationships from a healthy place.

You'll learn how to...


Journeying to the Past to Heal the Present & Shape the Future

  • Discover how generation trauma, peer experiences, media, and society shape how we approach and view relationships

  • Discover how unrealistic expectations, pressure to conform, and the normalization of unhealthy dynamics impact our relationships

  • Explore how personal experiences of trauma, abuse, or neglect can deeply affect how we approach relationships.

  • Explore how these experiences can lead to patterns of avoidance, mistrust, or overcompensation in future relationships.


How to Build Healthy Relationships

  • Exploration of how building healthy relationships requires effort, effective communication, empathy, and a commitment to personal growth.

  • We will also explore practical steps you can take to build healthier and more fulfilling relationships, which include:

    • Developing Self-Awareness

    • Effective Communication

    • Being Empathetic and Understanding

    • Setting Healthy Boundaries

    • Conflict Resolution, not Conflict Avoidant

    • Forgiveness and Letting Go

    • Supporting Each Other

    • Trust & More


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