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Are you looking for LMSW test prep services designed to help you pass your exam on your next try? Well, you've come to the right place!

It was over a year ago when I walked into the testing site to sit for my LMSW exam. I had spent months preparing to finally become a Licensed Social Worker. The job prospects were lined up, my friend, coworkers, and family members were on speed dial, and my resume was ready to be updated. The "future me was ready to walk into my destiny- only one thing was stopping me, my license.

After nearly four hours of test taking, I was finally ready to end my exam and see my passing results. Not even five minutes later, I was picking my heart up off the ground. I failed - by two points, and I couldn't believe it.

What did I miss? Did I not prepare long enough? How could I go back to work and tell everyone that I failed? I wanted to craw under a rock and stay there forever.

BUT, I didn't give up. I allowed myself time to grieve, but then I got up. I began my pursuit for licensure, again. This time I was determined. I developed a plan, got into study zone, and prepared to take my licensure exam again.


Not only did I pass, but my score was nearly perfect. I became a Licensed Social Worker and I want to help you do the same.


Lmsw exam prep

Online Class

Individual Tutoring Package

Four one-on-one sessions including the replays, a study guide, and practice questions. During our first session, we will schedule the remaining sessions. 

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The Replay Bundle

The Replay Bundle is a compilation of past study groups discussing the following topics: Ethics, DSM5 & Personality Disorders, First & Next Questions, Sample Questions Analysis, Macro Social Work, Theories, Crisis Intervention, and Reasoning Based Study Groups. Complimentary study guides included. This bundle is guaranteed to provide you with the education and strategies you need to pass your LMSW exam! 

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If you find yourself in need of assistance navigating your career and/or reaching your goals in social work, this is for you! Let Regineak help answer some of the questions like, "Is social work worth it?", "How do I get into the school of my choice?", or "How do I negotiate my salary?" Coaching sessions are guaranteed to help position you for success in social work!

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I like how Regineak focused in on the main topics and how personable and encouraging she is. She was awesome. I learned a variety of tricks and tips that helped me pass my exam. Regineak has an awesome spirit and makes sure you understand the information before moving on to the next topic or question. I highly recommend!

-Victor C.

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