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The Well-Woman


Redefining Womanhood, Embracing Grace, & Living Purposefully

For the everyday woman who's ready to:

Lesson One

Letting Go of the Superwoman Complex and Honoring Your Capacity

  • The Superwoman Complex: Understanding the pressure to Do It All

  • Identifying Your Capacity: Recognizing and Setting Realistic Boundaries 

  • Honoring Your Capacity: Embracing Self-Compassion and Saying No

Lesson Two

Embracing Grace, Living a Life of Peace and Love

  • Embracing Grace: Cultivating Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness

  • Living a Life of Peace: Nurturing Inner Calm and letting Go of Anxiety 

  • Love in Action: Building Meaningful Relationships and Serving Others


Free Two Part Self-Paced Masterclass!


My goal is to help people become unbroken. I accomplish my goal by providing a safe space for all to receive compassion + acceptance, along with information + inspiration, which leads to transformation.

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